What is a Broom Finish?

You’ve had several concrete contractors come by and provide various quotes for your front or backyard. By now you have no doubt heard of the term “broom finish.” The traditional broom finish is the one you’ll see on most sidewalks. If you look closely you’ll notice that it’s actually not a completely flat surface. It has ridges and grooves. This texture was created by the process known as brooming. 

You may wonder why this might be necessary or what the purpose is— and what does that kind of work even entail?

JLC Martinez Concrete, your Elk Grove, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, and Modesto area residential and commercial concrete contractors, have answers to your questions about this common concrete finishing technique below.

Why Brush Concrete?

There is a simple answer in one word: traction.

Concrete that cures as is will dry almost completely flat. Flat concrete gets slippery and that is no bueno especially when foot traffic includes kids or guests. 

How is it done?

Every concrete contractor accomplishes a broom finish in a slightly different way, though obvious there are many factors and techniques in common. A long, stiff broom with a thick handle is a favorite tool for most concrete contractors when going for that rough, broom finish. Much like painting, if the handle is too thin, it will bend, ever so slightly, making work taking place over several hours much more labor intensive.

It’s harder than it looks but just takes some practice to get good at. Timing is important as are conscientious movements and once you perfect that you’re in a groove.

Brushed or Decorative concrete?

Brushed concrete is a form of textured concrete but it doesn’t have to exist alone. Remember, stamped concrete and other finishes can be added as borders to a broom finish for a truly eye catching, concrete result.

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