How Much concrete patio Is enough?

Most properties need at least one patio. A patio provides room for gathering and outdoor furniture and unless you’re putting in a deck a concrete or stamped patio is an absolute must. If a stamped or brushed concrete patio is what you want, our teams at JLC Martinez Concrete would be happy to help you create a perfect outdoor setting for you and your family and make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. 

The main questions relate to size and material. JLC Martinez Concrete is here to help as your local concrete contractor experts. Here’s what we think needs to be done before installing something that looks right and serves its purpose.

You must measure and plan

You can’t do enough planning when it comes to the layout of your concrete, regardless of whether it’s in your front or backyard. Your concrete is going to last for decades so consider it permanent. Preparation will greatly play into your satisfaction of the job.

  • Furniture dimensions- Backyard furniture will come in all different weights and sizes and how it looks in the showroom might not be how it looks in your yard. Please note dimensions of outdoor furniture you are considering or measure what you have. Also, gazebos and sheds should be measured and noted so that slabs underneath can reach out a foot or two from the edges.  
  • Traffic- How will people navigate your backyard? Do they have easy access to doors and gates? How will visitors reach the back if they’re not coming through the house? Is your concrete patio big enough considering grills, firepits, and furniture? You want everyone to easily walk by and across each other without feeling cramped into a limited space. 
  • Weather-  As a Central and Northern California homeowner, you’ll need a concrete patio that’s built to withstand super hot temperatures. When you work with JLC Martinez Concrete, we team up with only the best manufacturers in the area (CA Rock and Ready & Knife River among others) to ensure our cement mixtures have proper hydration levels to cure on schedule and will properly bake in this sun!
  • Entertainment- Do you do a lot of hosting? If so, a larger patio will be critical to serving the needs of visitors and guests. In this case, also consider pathways to different sections of the yard as even the largest patio will have spill over during a get together.

JLC Martinez Concrete : Quality above all else

JLC Martinez Concrete offers decorative concrete patio pouring and design for homeowners in the Elk Grove, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, and Modesto areas. Our comprehensive services include complete concrete patio design, forming, and pouring. We’d be happy to get you more answers to your patio questions!


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