Keep your stamped concrete looking good

Stamped concrete is a great way to add value to your home and enhance the look of your landscape. It also combines with a broom finish in some cases to offer second to none durability and foundational strength for driveways or patios. Keep in mind though that your stamped concrete surface will require a bit more maintenance than the broom finish. 


Keep things clean

It doesn’t take a whole lot to clean stamped concrete, it really doesn’t. With that it mind, it is something that needs to be consistently kept up. We recommend building a sweep, hose down, or power wash into a quarterly routine, whether the stamped concrete surface needs it or not. This will create a consistent habit and ensure regular care and removal of stubborn debris before it becomes a stain. 

You can use a mop or swiffer to clean interior stamped concrete surfaces. Stay away from acidic, commercial or powerful liquid cleaners because they can corrode the concrete’s surface and polish over time. When using reputable, “soft” liquid cleaners, make sure the surface gets a proper rinse to prevent unsightly spots from appearing as everything dries.


Get rid of those stains as quickly as possible

Mistakes and spills happen. They’re unavoidable, especially if you have kids or pets. When something spills address it immediately before anything has a chance to settle. This can make a difference, similar to with any of your garments. If you do see a stain- try these cleaning techniques:

  • Hot to warm water and scrubbing with a brush. Stay on it. Time over the stain is more important than force.

  • Alkaline degreasers can work wonders when needing to dissolve something down.

  • Power washing if need be outside.

Consistent sealing every 5 years

Your outdoor stamped concrete will be sealed by any reliable local concrete contractor, however, this should be done more than once especially in intense climates. If you want to be extra vigilant you could seal every 3-4 years. This can be done as a DIY project but please do your research. Of course, if you just don’t have the time or desire to jump into that kind of a project a professional handyman could take care of it. Keep in mind that maintenance is typically not something concrete installers will address.

Wash Concrete
Power Wash concrete

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