How to Maintain a nice driveway and garage 

Oil stains are usually going to show up over time. Maybe it comes from the car or maybe something gets spilled but it’s a common thing that happens and we don’t want anyone to worry about the clean up. Yes, they are ugly and can ruin a nice finish but it is possible to get rid of them.

JLC Martinez Concrete, a Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, and Modesto local concrete company, has a handy how-to guide for you just below:

Oil-Stain Removal Methods

There are several different ways to approach oil removal. Like any stain, a new one is easier to deal with but when it comes to a driveway or garage it’s tough to stay on top of these. Since new and old stains need to be addressed differently we’ll cover both.


Cleaning a new stain can usually be handled with household items. Get a hand towel, soap, brush, baking soda, powdered laundry detergent, baby powder, chalk, or a variety of other drawing, stain-removing agents and go at the thing with whatever is working best (but do not mix cleaning supplies!). Small brushes tend to do the trick and serve a better purpose here than your push broom. Spray with a firm water hose setting several times and just keep covering in focused batches.


The older stains get the tougher they’ll be to deal with. Concrete degreasers are sold at local hardware stores as are “poultices”, which will draw out a stain and make them easier to get rid of. Talk to a supervisor at the store or a knowledgeable associate and get a recommendation on any specially made products that are in stock. These solutions usually will do the trick or get you close to where you want to be so it’s worth the small investment.

Stamped concrete is usually sealed by a local concrete company which means that a penetrating sealant should’ve been applied with either a sprayer or a roller. This solution really helps prevent oil stains so make sure it’s applied over your stamped or color jobs but it will wear away over time so have it reapplied every 5-7 years or so. Like wise mothers tend to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or something like that. If you need help just give us a call (at 209-216-9172).

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