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We understand the costs and stressors related to a new build. I have been there. After investing almost my entire life savings into a downpayment on a new home, I was then confronted with costs related to landscaping, furniture, crown moulding, paint, and countless other things. It seemed like everybody was out to rip me off, charging what I considered to be unreasonable, astronomical fees. It was frustrating. So I get the desire and in fact, the need, to do DIY work around a new build. At JLC Martinez Concrete, we’re all for DIY projects, but, there are certain projects that are better left to professionals, and one of these projects is concrete grading, framing, and pouring.

It can be tempting to tackle a concrete project on your own or with a few brothers after earning a quick degree from YouTube University. And now adays, with prices as high as they are, there seems no better time to educate yourself and handle your own home improvement. Unless you have experience or a background in construction and/or concrete, please don’t try handling concrete equipment and tools for the first time on your own. We also do not recommend managing a permanent installation of concrete around your new home on your own if it’s something you’ve never done. Below we’ll explain why.


Reasons to Avoid a DIY concrete Installation

Irregardless of research online or the old school way (books), experience will be a huge determining factor in how your concrete job comes out. Experienced contractors have the know-how and problem solving ability necessary to work around unexpected challenges that will inevitably present themselves during a concrete forming and pour. Not only can it be grueling work, but it is also as scientific as it is artistic. Surfaces must slope perfectly away from a house, edges must align, drainage must be secured, and mixes must be tested.

Here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Concrete is as delicate as it is tough- As a construction material, we all know concrete as a tough as nails end-product. Keep in mind though, that to achieve that solid end result, concrete must be mixed and poured with an exact concentration of necessary ingredients. If you include too much road base, for example, that makes it difficult to spread out and mold. At the same token, if there is not enough road base then your concrete could come out weak. Same with water. Too much or too little will affect the “slump test” and, ultimately, your satisfaction with the job. Don’t put too much trust in a manufacturer and find yourself having to redo or repair your work. Call a professional at JLC Martinez Concrete and get the job done right.
  • Money- The costs of a concrete repair or replacement will add up quickly on top of the investment you already made for DIY work. Not only that, but a lot of contractors will set a minimum square footage when considering a project, so even if your DIY job is only displaced or messed up in small sections, a concrete crew will likely have to rip up the entire job to address the problems. They won’t just fix or address isolated, smaller areas. Call an expert and get it right on the first try. 
  • Eye sores- Sheryl Sandberg famously said, “Done is better than perfect.” Well… that is true in some cases, but that’s not necessarily true with concrete. You want to enjoy your new driveway or patio and avoid glaring imperfections that tend to become noticeable after DIY projects. We have seen it all, and more often than not, it’s a rookie mistake that led to that crumbling chunk or pooling of water. Don’t find yourself on the patio with a glass of wine and staring at an avoidable mistake. 
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